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HiFlo CarbonTec

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The best professional waterfed pole system on the market reaches up to 50 feet / 15 metres.

HiFlo CarbonTec – System 1

The best professional WaterFed pole system on the market reaches up to 50 feet / 15 metres. Quality engineered and manufactured in Germany, the patent pending carbon fibre system is modular, extremely rigid and lightweight.

HiFlo CarbonTec: Light, Robust, Modular

Safe cleaning up to 50 feet / 15 metres high, without ladders, from the ground. Significant time savings: no setup times for ladders or lift trucks. Easy access to hard to reach areas. Twice as fast as conventional glass cleaning, meaning half the personnel costs. Saves money: lower rental and personnel costs. Increased efficiency in less time. Image improvement – modern presentation to the client, convincing results and a better price

Top Quality Componentry

  • HiFlo CarbonTec – the clear winner in comparative tests at Unger laboratories.

  • Durability, bending test, strength, assembly time CarbonTec is the winner in all categories

  • Light pole sections (45 mm diameter) made of robust carbon fibres. Sections are available in 1.5 metres and 0.75 metres (50ft/15m pole weighs approx. 7 to 8 kilograms).

  • Extremely robust and durable screw thread made from specially anodized and hardened aluminium.

  • Internal hose - quickly connected.

  • Sits perfectly in your hand.

  • Sections can be screwed together individually, therefore very flexible with regards to height.

  • Convenient waterfeed adapter – easy to operate.

  • Ultra-compatible thanks to numerous MultiLink Gooseneck adapters and a great range of HiFlo™ Brushes.

  • Numerous accessories available (see below).

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