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HiFlo DI Resin Filter

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HiFlo™. Total flexibility, compatibility, solution – the Unger resin filter produces 100% pure water immediately. Ideal for mobile and quick use. The ion exchange resin filter available as 9 litre and 25 litre sizes

HiFlo™ DI Resin Filter

Two bottle sizes available – 9 litre, and 25 litre. Produces 100% pure water (<10μSq/cm). Includes fine filter for pre-filtering of the water. Mounted on convenient trolley with big rubber wheels and anti-tipping device. No electricity required, and has a standard hose-pipe connection.

The HiFlo DI Resin Filter consists of the following components:
• Fibreglass Beads   • DI Resin Filters   • Soap Dispenser

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