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MultiLink Gooseneck

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HiFlo™ MultiLink Gooseneck System, the ultimate gooseneck system. Total flexibility, compatibility, solution.

HiFlo™ MultiLink Gooseneck System

With the Unger HiFlo™ MultiLink Gooseneck system nearly every working angle or distance can be achieved. Various combinations perfectly adjust your HiFlo™ pole to your individual work requirements. The brush can be rotated and fixed in any position through 360°

The Ultimate Gooseneck System consists of the following:
• Gooseneck  • Extension  • CarbonTec Adapter  • CarbonTec Brush Adapter  • Adapter  • Cone Adapter

  • The CarbonTec Adapter brings HiFlo™ CarbonTec to the standard thread diameter so that all MultiLink Goosenecks and HiFlo™ Brushes are compatible.

  • Two MultiLink Goosenecks are available in short or long reach versions.

  • MultiLink Extension can be combined with Goosenecks to extend the reach.

  • The HiFlo™ MultiLink Cone Adapter allows the attachment of the ErgoTec Locking Cone and a multitude of classic cleaning tools, such as squeegees washers and scrapers.

  • All MultiLink adapters are made of robust hard anodised aluminium.

  • Quick to screw on to most waterfed poles with Aluminium Connector.

  • The adjustable collar can be locked at any point through 360° creating numerous angles for hard to reach areas

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